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David S's Avatar Last Online: 15 January 2010

Member Since: 22 October 2009

Birthdate: 26th July 1990
Age: 33
Gender: Male

Country: United States of America

High Scores (about)

0  Gold Medal     0  Silver Medal     1  Bronze Medal

Overall Score: 3.9
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Most Played

Sandcastle Game Sandcastle 4 times
Cyclo Maniacs Game Cyclo Maniacs 3 times
Dune Buggy Game Dune Buggy 2 times
Bloony Wheel Game Bloony Wheel 1 time
Dynamic Systems Game Dynamic Systems 1 time
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Played Longest

Sandcastle Game Sandcastle 11 hours
Sketch Rider Game Sketch Rider 1 hour
Trial Bike Pro Game Trial Bike Pro 1 hour
Cyclo Maniacs Game Cyclo Maniacs 42 minutes
Hell Cops Game Hell Cops 30 minutes
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Highest Rated

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Games Played

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