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Changes to High Scores

Unfortunately, Mochi is game over.
So you can no longer get new high scores in this game.
We're working on a new high score system for Big Fun Town and once available, you'll be able to get high scores and medals again.
We're keeping your existing high scores and medals for posteriority.

Gravity Stick High Scores

Best times

Rank Player Name Score
1. Michael Randall 1m 25.431s
2. Big Funtown 1m 19.317s
3. NamNamSWE 57.436s
4. Nate Sheffer 45.063s
5. Upsylon 28.922s
6. NateHall 14.013s
7. Rex Schaffer 13.719s
8. Snork 13.672s
9. Henke swe 11.401s
10. Alex Lauridsen 8.812s
11. FRANKNIGG 8.368s
12. Jugo 7.360s
13. Kcpopstar 7.203s
14. Twister 5.802s
15. Francis Wilamosky 5.660s
16. Daniel 5.222s
17. Mylosz 4.691s
18. Jihane El Khalifi O9 4.570s
19. Lol 3.882s
20. NarutovsKyuubi 3.800s
21. Chemical 3.604s
22. Sirenkit 3.276s
23. Wj 2.995s
24. Matt2 2.921s
25. Radar 1.879s
26. Unbeatable 1.875s
27. Betamech11 1.590s
28. Landodude 1.566s
29. Carlo-g 0.558s

Top Sketchers

Rank Player Name Score

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