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Akbar's Avatar Last Online: 7 May 2009

Member Since: 26 February 2009

Birthdate: 13th June 1989
Age: 34
Gender: Undisclosed

Country: Indonesia

High Scores (about)

0  Gold Medal     0  Silver Medal     0  Bronze Medal

Overall Score: 0.0
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Most Played

Brawl Royale Game Brawl Royale 1 time
Newgrounds Rumble Game Newgrounds Rumble 1 time
Electric Box Game Electric Box 1 time
Meeblings Game Meeblings 1 time
Achievement Unlocked Game Achievement Unlocked 1 time
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Played Longest

Warlords: Call to Arms Game Warlords: Call to Arms 42 minutes
Newgrounds Rumble Game Newgrounds Rumble 17 minutes
Hobo Brawl Game Hobo Brawl 11 minutes
El Caracol Magnify Game Game El Caracol Magnify Game 9 minutes
Meeblings Game Meeblings 6 minutes
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Highest Rated

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Games Played

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