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Prissyfendi's Avatar Last Online: 9 January 2010

Member Since: 30 June 2009

Age: 35
Gender: Female

Country: United States of America

High Scores (about)

0  Gold Medal     0  Silver Medal     0  Bronze Medal

Overall Score: 0.4
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Most Played

Cookie Tycoon Game Cookie Tycoon 2 times
Dr. Bulldog's Pets Hospital Game Dr. Bulldog's Pets Hospital 1 time
Honey Dance Game Honey Dance 1 time
Pingball Game Pingball 1 time
Symphonic Bus Tour Game Symphonic Bus Tour 1 time
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Played Longest

McDonald's Video Game Game McDonald's Video Game 51 minutes
Shopping Street Game Shopping Street 29 minutes
Cookie Tycoon Game Cookie Tycoon 27 minutes
Gazzoline Game Gazzoline 24 minutes
Burger Jam Game Burger Jam 18 minutes
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Games Played

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