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Changes to High Scores

Unfortunately, Mochi is game over.
So you can no longer get new high scores in this game.
We're working on a new high score system for Big Fun Town and once available, you'll be able to get high scores and medals again.
We're keeping your existing high scores and medals for posteriority.

Pro Rally 2 High Scores

Alps 1

Rank Player Name Score

Curvy Snow

Rank Player Name Score
1. DamJam 45.019s
2. Daniel 52.229s
3. Mylosz 52.542s
4. Canadastig 52.605s
5. HDeol 53.347s
6. Timpj1991 54.913s
7. akkoris jobb vagyokDDD 55.469s
8. Taz11994 55.688s
9. Ian Hodges 56.002s
10. Upsylon 56.702s
11. Ivchaa 57.153s
12. Elventus 1m 4.482s
13. Chili6f 1m 7.570s
14. Sp1d3r 1m 9.063s
15. Stolenmc 1m 17.616s
16. Albert 1m 18.061s
17. Resque16 1m 21.070s

Easy Snow

Rank Player Name Score
1. DamJam 1m 31.391s
2. Canadastig 1m 37.664s
3. Daniel 1m 38.612s
4. Mylosz 1m 57.783s
5. Ivchaa 1m 59.198s
6. Elventus 2m 5.079s
7. Resque16 2m 34.498s
8. Chili6f 2m 37.396s


Rank Player Name Score
1. DamJam 44.419s
2. Canadastig 44.470s
3. akkoris jobb vagyokDDD 44.517s
4. Dv 45.981s
5. Taz11994 46.436s
6. Daniel 48.668s
7. KingMisiu 50.743s
8. Ivchaa 51.574s
9. Elventus 52.266s
10. Owen293 52.961s
11. Mylosz 54.311s
12. Stolenmc 1m 0.759s
13. Sp1d3r 1m 3.540s
14. Chili6f 1m 6.858s
15. Albert 1m 8.274s
16. Stewie0888 1m 31.248s
17. Ironman 1m 46.048s
18. Rajmulloth 2m 34.260s

Narrow Dirt

Rank Player Name Score
1. DamJam 39.614s
2. Canadastig 39.761s
3. Daniel 44.145s
4. Ivchaa 59.686s
5. Chili6f 1m 38.639s
6. Galszili 1m 41.307s

Tricky Dirt

Rank Player Name Score
1. Canadastig 1m 24.741s
2. Daniel 1m 37.794s
3. DamJam 1m 40.839s
4. Gunit 1m 44.794s
5. Ivchaa 2m 3.990s
6. Resque16 2m 21.984s
7. Elventus 2m 27.551s
8. Chili6f 2m 45.116s
9. Albert 2m 55.214s

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