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Free Games for your Site

This page presents the games sponsored by BigFunTown.com.


If you are a Flash Games Developer, wanting to earn money from a Big Fun Town sponsorship, contact us today to enquire about the possible sponsorship of your high quality games.


You may download and add any of the following games to your own website, provided you agree to and follow our Sponsored Game Terms and Conditions and the game appears unaltered in its original form in such a way that all links back to the author's site, the sponsor's site, and the high score system work properly.

Adding the games to your site

  1. Download the game you want to add by clicking the download link below it
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file
  3. Create a new .html file on your website where you want the game to appear
  4. Copy and paste the code from the code.txt file into a the .html file on your website
  5. Upload the .swf file into the same folder as the .html file on your website
  6. Go to the appropriate .html file through your website
  7. Check that the game loads and works properly
  8. Create links to the .html file, you may use the .jpg files extracted from the .zip file for this purpose

Downloadable Games