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FanTasTic's Avatar Last Online: 9 December 2009

Member Since: 23 August 2009

Birthdate: 6th October 1995
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Country: Indonesia

High Scores (about)

0  Gold Medal     0  Silver Medal     0  Bronze Medal

Overall Score: 0.1
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Most Played

BMX Master Game BMX Master 6 times
Perfect Wedding Cake Game Perfect Wedding Cake 3 times
Trendy Christmas Girl Game Trendy Christmas Girl 3 times
Princess's Birthday Dance Party Game Princess's Birthday Dance Party 3 times
Wedding Day Game Wedding Day 3 times
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Played Longest

Eye Witness Game Eye Witness 1 hour
Tilt Game Tilt 59 minutes
Shopping Street Game Shopping Street 56 minutes
Make Your Pretty Couple Doll Game Make Your Pretty Couple Doll 48 minutes
Pets House Game Pets House 47 minutes
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Highest Rated

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Games Played

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