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Changes to High Scores

Unfortunately, Mochi is game over.
So you can no longer get new high scores in this game.
We're working on a new high score system for Big Fun Town and once available, you'll be able to get high scores and medals again.
We're keeping your existing high scores and medals for posteriority.

Park It High Scores

Best Times

Rank Player Name Score
1. Evony 8.217s
2. Mailreau 10.296s
3. Edunbraa 10.316s
4. Nezzlynn 10.824s
5. Mylosz 11.055s
6. Twister 21.846s
7. Unbeatable 22.440s
8. Smoth 31.845s
9. Dogybat 33.693s
10. Daniel 34.018s
11. Shredder56 37.168s
12. Albert 39.600s
13. Beechman 40.821s
14. Jsct444 46.002s
15. DariusGaither 58.645s
16. DamJam 1m 2.862s
17. Nuarius 1m 30.951s
18. ChicagoBeast09 2m 14.847s
19. Dillan 2m 59.405s
20. John19970 3m 12.102s
21. Stewie0888 3m 13.436s
22. TheIceMan 3m 54.843s
23. FUNBOY 5m 15.482s
24. Cat 5m 26.901s
25. JonnyNoFingers 5m 31.942s
26. Freshman 6m 32.503s
27. Jadiekins 9m 52.533s

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