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Changes to High Scores

Unfortunately, Mochi is game over.
So you can no longer get new high scores in this game.
We're working on a new high score system for Big Fun Town and once available, you'll be able to get high scores and medals again.
We're keeping your existing high scores and medals for posteriority.

Tetris'D The Game High Scores

The Fame Tables

Rank Player Name Score
1. DariusGaither 33m 43.870s
2. Bruce Lee 31m 39.620s
3. Unbeatable 5m 25.040s
4. Ensinkism 4m 59.870s
5. DamJam 4m 33.200s
6. Arthur Bobrek 4m 23.410s
7. Thaedes 3m 36.910s
8. Soulja Slim 3m 11.040s
9. Abyssal Demon 3m 7.200s
10. Snork 2m 40.410s
11. Text911 2m 5.790s
12. Ultraerik 1m 56.040s
13. Daniel 1m 55.410s
14. Ajz 1m 51.330s
15. Marcosfl 1m 46.540s
16. Jahovahut 1m 38.910s
17. Big Funtown 1m 18.660s
18. Bandit5160 56.910s
19. Sirenkit 56.330s
20. Matt2 52.790s
21. Tom Mcdonald 52.450s
22. Lilly101 46.580s
23. NoTtHeBeSt 43.200s
24. S13SOKKAR 35.160s
25. Joshua Hu 25.080s
26. Betamech11 24.250s
27. Holly Heneghan 15.040s
28. Judethedude 8.750s

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