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Changes to High Scores

Unfortunately, Mochi is game over.
So you can no longer get new high scores in this game.
We're working on a new high score system for Big Fun Town and once available, you'll be able to get high scores and medals again.
We're keeping your existing high scores and medals for posteriority.

Catastrophic Construction High Scores

Extreme Leaderboard

Rank Player Name Score
1. Jamie12345 12m 9.001s
2. DamJam 14m 6.621s

Neutral Leaderboard

Rank Player Name Score
1. Jamie12345 5m 48.860s
2. DamJam 9m 30.344s
3. Mylosz 13m 5.178s
4. Wndrlndstkr87 19m 22.799s

Relaxed Leaderboard

Rank Player Name Score
1. Jamie12345 3m 16.060s
2. DamJam 3m 27.306s
3. Matt2 3m 34.563s
4. Mylosz 4m 7.856s
5. NarutovsKyuubi 4m 30.607s
6. William 4m 34.226s
7. Wuhan J 4m 51.532s
8. Twister 4m 52.312s
9. Ajz 4m 52.529s
10. Daniel 5m 6.363s
11. Death Angel 5m 17.619s
12. Abner51 5m 27.691s
13. Darrdith 5m 58.025s
14. Lithuanian Guy 6m 39.720s
15. Kalthoum 7m 26.393s
16. Isaacbird91 7m 47.229s
17. Magick 7m 47.571s
18. Jen151605 8m 2.061s
19. Cat 9m 0.027s
20. Wndrlndstkr87 9m 38.218s
21. Nicholas 10m 12.161s
22. Freshman 11m 16.495s
23. Gangstaboy 16m 3.900s

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